I had to replace the bulb in my enlarger and it’s so much brighter now! I’ll actually be able to use the aperture settings on the lens. Hopefully now I wont have to do 50 second interval test strips when I use filters!

I also got hold of a focus finder so my paranoia about focus should be less of an issue lol

Now that I’ve got a working B&W darkroom setup, I need to get back onto taking pictures again. I’ve been living at my new place for two months now and I still haven’t just gone to shoot around my new neighbourhood. I’ve got three rolls of black and white 120 left, and three weeks until payday. Those numbers align in a way that makes it pretty obvious what I should be doing with them! And I should get it done soon, while the nights are still light and I can shoot after work without a flash.

I also need to go through my negatives and pick out some shots I want to work with. The negatives I’ve processed myself I have in a folder that makes them pretty easy to go through, but my store done ones are all in a box. Going to need to go through them and see what’s, what.

I also picked up some old books my Dad bought me when I started to doing photography at highschool. They are all pretty consistently out of date, there was a page on different colour films and not a single one of the 30 listed is still made, but since I’m using outdated equipment they’re still useful sometimes.

I babysat my 4 month old niece last night and she completely freaked out when she realised I was doing the same bed time routine as mummy, but I wasn’t mummy.

I basically had to wait for her to cry herself to sleep on my shoulder but it was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever done.

My brother, her dad, told me she did the exact same thing the first time he looked after her for a night by himself and that she was fine in the morning but still. I didn’t think babies that young could actually cry tears :(