I babysat my 4 month old niece last night and she completely freaked out when she realised I was doing the same bed time routine as mummy, but I wasn’t mummy.

I basically had to wait for her to cry herself to sleep on my shoulder but it was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever done.

My brother, her dad, told me she did the exact same thing the first time he looked after her for a night by himself and that she was fine in the morning but still. I didn’t think babies that young could actually cry tears :(

I’ve been completely penniless this month but hopefully I can talk my boss into paying my today instead of next week. There’s a three day weekend coming up and I’ve got £6 left in my account. I really don’t want to have to spend the whole thing in my flat surviving on nothing but tea and plain pasta.

I’m not really one for patriotism, the United Kingdom has committed too many atrocities during its history for that. But watching what is happening in America, in Ferguson. As police there are suppressing peaceful protest with tear-gas, rubber bullets and flashbangs. All whilst being backed up by more men in full tactical gear with live ammunition, it made me think.

I think back to the 2011 London riots, which started for a fairly similar reason. The police shot and killed a black guy, who turned out to be unarmed. There were protests, and the protests got violent and it turned into the worst rioting London has seen for a long time. By that point the rioting  had nothing to do with the original protest, it was just young people rebelling against a system that seemed designed to crush and ignore them, and that problem still exists. 

The police were greatly overwhelmed and couldn’t contain the riots really at all and people started calling for more and more drastic measures. There was a petition floating around with hundreds of thousands of signatures calling for the government to deploy the army and suspend all social media (the rioters were using BBM to tell people where to go).

But when people asked one of the Metropolitan Police spokesman on the news why they weren’t using tear-gas and pepper spray and baton rounds and water cannons, he said “The rioters were still British citizens and that they didn’t deserve to be treated that way” 

The police here are far from perfect, but that was the last time I was proud to be British. The London Mayor bought a truck mounted water cannon this year, so that feeling is gone again.

Stay strong Ferguson! Find out who that cop was and make sure he is prosecuted!

"I’ve got a beautiful place to put your face, and she was right"
- Them Crooked Vultures

I think my critical eye for photography is developing a lot faster then my photographic skills are, so I find I like fewer and fewer of the photos I take.

It’s annoying but I suppose if I can start making those critiques before I press the shutter button I should start getting better, faster.